Meet DuWayne Sipper


Thank you so much for being interested in our work. I still remember waking up and thinking I was crazy getting the idea of starting a homeless shelter. This began a wonderful journey which I could never have been prepared for. Since then, we have had the privilege of helping people with all kinds of problems and addictions. I will be the first to tell you it does not always feel like a privilege. I describe our work like saving a drowning person who is so scared, they kick you all the way to the shore.

I believe God has placed all of us in this time and place, and there are no mistakes. Our work is important and our community partnership is what will make it succeed. Each of us has to do our share to make the incredible impact on each of the lives we touch. To touch and change these lives often takes a severe disruption to their style of living and yes, even an extreme disruption.

People need jobs, food and shelter. With your help, we can provide these and teach our neighbors to provide for themselves.

I recall a young mother’s voice saying recently: “Help me get my baby back!” as she was about to become homeless. The Path Rescue Mission will provide a way to shelter her, guide her and make that possible. Together, we touch lives. We can help Citrus and Marion Counties change the way our homeless families are treated long after we are gone. Join with us in a battle to help our community’s least. They need you. Together, we can do this! May God bless you greatly as we walk out His vision for His people.

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