In addition to offering safe shelter, food and clothing

The Path builds skills needed to overcome addiction, develop a productive work ethic and transform lives so that, if willing, individuals can escape poverty and addiction. Our “New Life Program” consists of an initial orientation followed by four “phases” that last approximately three months each, with an evaluation at each step of the way.

Each area of focus is designed to transform the "whole person."

The year-long goal is to lead men and women through a “life recovery” process, discipleship and mentoring to prepare them for transition to full time employment or vocational school, healthy reconciliation with family, if possible, and fulfillment of obligations that would prevent a successful transition to the community.

Every person is thoroughly assessed on intake to determine work readiness, health issues, needs for personal identification, birth certificate, driver's license, financial status, legal and financial obligations, and other needs. The Path partners with many local churches and services to encourage Christian fellowship, obtain medical or other health-related services, current identification documents, benefits, legal aide, and other needs.

When you commit to program guidelines, you will work with a case manager and be evaluated regularly each step of the way. As long as you continue progress and our programs meet your needs, you are given enough time to change your personal circumstances.

There is no established time limit for the length of stay as long as you are progressing, and The Path's programs meet your goals and needs. The longer an individual stays with our rescue mission, the greater the likelihood they won't return to self-destructive lifestyles. In some cases, individuals need to be facilitated to other programs for help beyond the scope of our mission.

No one who is actively abusing controlled substances or engaging in illegal activities will be allowed to stay at the rescue mission. Due to the proximity of the shelter to children, we are not permitted to shelter sexual offenders.

The Path’s “New Life Program” for adult men and women at our rescue mission is holistic with a goal of “life” recovery: spiritual and physical recovery from addictions, poverty and poor relationships, inability to obtain or keep a steady job, and other reasons that brought them to our rescue mission for help. Programs focus on practical life skills that rebuild the "whole person" by reinforcing recovery and developing responsible individuals with:

  • household budgeting skills
  • healthier eating habits
  • ability to get along with others
  • learning and practicing setting healthy boundaries
  • improved parenting skills
  • ability to resolve conflict, stress, grief and anger

Classes emphasize the important role of work, responsibility, integrity, honesty, and dependability. Adults participate with instruction and hands-on learning to strengthen their work ethic, re-train, build spiritual, emotional and physical health, improve family relationships, chances for steady employment. Christian discipleship, a Christian 12-step program and regular biblically-based counseling address the deeper issues a person may have. Case management and goals help people regain healthy productive lifestyles through accountability, consistent evaluation and assisted transition to the next phase.

Case managers also help clients with a budget plan through a savings account. Their money is disbursed according to financial needs, and as individuals transition to the next phase of the program. Case managers also provide assistance with debt relief, identifying legal and financial obligations, setting goals, and tracking progress.

Together, we hope to build a strong foundation for stability and independence.

Learn more about The Path's New Life Program here.


Children at The Path are assessed for any medical, physical or behavior needs they might have and then enrolled in school or daycare. The Path’s programs for children are currently being developed, and will include meaningful activities to help grow their spiritual life along with practical activities to promote healthy bodies and minds. The goal is to help children/youth with academic support, recreation, after-school activities, and opportunities for their physical, academic and spiritual growth.


In addition to New Life Programs for adult and children, we also assess needs for marital or family counseling and provide parenting and other relationship skills counseling, if needed. Another goal is to strengthen family relationships, when appropriate!

Opportunities for recreation, health and wellness, family reconciliation and visitations (as appropriate) are also included in the program.

Building a strong work ethic is a key objective for The Path's New Life Program through work therapy.

Learning work and job skills, reinforced with lots of practice, builds healthy life habits that will benefit when an individual is ready for employment skills training and eventually getting a full-time job or enrolling in a vocational education program.

Men and women at The Path participate in “work therapy”—assigned chores and supervised work activities-- to learn basic life skills of consistency, accountability, team work and responding positively to supervision. These skills will serve them well in seeking and maintaining full-time employment.

During the initial phases of The Path’s New Life Program, work therapy is assigned regularly in many areas: cleaning buildings and offices, meal prep and cooking assignments in the cafeteria, grounds maintenance, vehicle maintenance, basic lawn care, laundry, work activities at The Path’s thrift stores or at The Path’s 15 acres farm where they learn to grow and harvest vegetables or fruit, and other activities as assigned.

Men and women in more advanced phases of the New Life Program may be assigned to trades-related classes taught onsite by volunteers, seed germination for the farm, supervising the laundry room, regular assignments as a cook, and other “employment readiness” responsibilities.

Additionally, individuals participate in Employment Readiness classes. This includes job search, resume preparation, job counseling, interview techniques, proper dress, wage expectations, and interview follow-up. Instructors provide interview practice and coaching through conducting mock interviews for clients. This training also helps men and women identify community services that can assist them in obtaining employment.

Throughout the program, case managers review budget sheets with each individual to monitor progress and set financial goals. For those who earn an income, The Path requires a 20% of income program fee to encourage responsible budgeting and bill-paying.

Adults may be available for hire out to help you with lawn care, painting, clean-outs or other day labor needs. Support The Path’s work program by calling 352-527-6500 extension 1. Please allow at least 24 hours for your request!

Each phase in The Path’s New Life Program is designed for a holistic approach with increasing opportunities for responsibility and leadership.

We encourage men and women at our rescue mission to commit for at least a year—or longer. Our goal is to utilize that time in constructive ways through realistic, achievable goals, accountability and gradual advancement through the four phases of our program.

The final phase of our New Life program focuses on employment skills training and preparing for transition back to families or community living. Case managers work with clients to get a job, a car, and enough savings to afford a place to live. Options can include full time employment in the community, reuniting with family if appropriate, enrolling in vocational training locally, potential internships with the rescue mission, and other opportunities. Some may be ready to afford a home through programs like Habitat for Humanity.

Our programs begin to equip men and women at The Path with a stronger work-ethic plus the know-how and skills to supplement the family income. The Path is equipped to teach self-sustaining trades or connect clients with other programs for learning trades, health professions and other vocations. Through individual case management and biblically-based counseling, men and women at The Path map out a plan to become self-sufficient, setting goals that make positive steps toward independence.

Accountability is maintained through frequent evaluation, which sometimes leads to facilitated exits to other programs for help beyond the scope of our mission.