Path Farm & Co-Op Program

About The Path Farm and Co-op

What began as a backyard garden in 2002 has expanded to two farm locations, 15 and 10 acres, for seasonal pesticides-free fruits and vegetables for our rescue mission, county food bank and other food organizations to supply fresh, locally-grown fruit to those in need. 14 greenhouses for hydroponics farming were added to allow The Path’s farm to grow year-round and grow certain vegetables off-season for the rescue mission and Path Farm Co-op members. A chicken coop was also built for chickens, which feed on the pesticides-free vegetables and lay eggs. This farm project is made possible through private donations plus the generous support of local foundations and Publix Super Markets Charities.

Today, The Path’s farm project continues to support a full-time farmer. Farming activities provide a supervised work program for Path clients. An old swimming pool at the rescue mission campus was filled in and has been re-purposed to grow vegetables and herbs. One of the efficiency units at the rescue mission was converted into a germination room to start seedlings and provide additional work therapy for Path clients.

For men and women at The Path, these farms and gardens provide fresh food, physical exercise, a variety of work programs and now help stock the rescue mission cafeteria for daily meals. Men and women learn to grow healthy food, then how to prepare it through The Path’s “Healthy Eating” classes. They also participate in meal planning, food prep and cooking meals daily at the rescue mission’s cafeteria.


How you can get involved:

Our community can benefit as well through a membership with The Path’s Farm Co-op. Men at The Path grow and harvest seasonal vegetables and prepare the weekly distribution for members. Co-op members come from a wide area in Citrus and Marion Counties.

Download The Path Farm & Co-Op Brochure or contact us to learn how to join and other important information. You can also call (352) 527-6500, ext. 8. Your support builds stronger individuals, healthy lifestyles and self-reliant communities.

"Give us a call if you would like to schedule a Path Farm tour and activity day. Volunteer or internship opportunities are also available."