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When you have nothing, a meal means everything.

As a giving partner, you provide meals and practical programs that give her the start of a life free from the effects of poverty, addiction and homelessness-- a life secure in the knowledge of God's unconditional love and care.


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My Life has Changed Because You Care!                                                                                Stories of hope from men and women at The Path

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." ~Matt. 19:26

 Mike is Working Towards a Brand New Life

Men and women in The Path’s work program develop a strong work ethic and skills that help them to re-enter the job market and build independent, productive lives. Mike, one of the men at The Path puts it plainly:  “The Path was one of the few places I could go to that would let me get a job. I like to work. I don’t want to just sit in classes, I want to make a difference.” I’m sure that’s important to you, too! 

Twenty years of methamphetamine addiction marked a “slow decline” in Mike’s life, but it never dampened his desire to work. He was making a living remodeling homes, but when his truck and tools were stolen, so were his livelihood...and his hope.

“I became homeless,” Mike recalls. “I couldn’t believe that I had come to this point. I had always been able to hold thingstogether. I had always worked. I think God humbled me and brought me to The Path.”

Since coming to The Path, Mike admits that he’s thinking more clearly because he has overcome his drug addiction and renewed  his trust in the Lord. “I started using drugs 20 years ago when my firstborn passed away. My wife and I used to go to church, but it slowly fell apart,” he remembers. “Today I have Jesus back in my life.”

Mike also has his two surviving sons, now 19, back in his life. “I’m reconnecting with them,” he says. “I’m able to talk to them soberly instead of being numb.”

Attending church and participating in Bible study at The Path made a profound impact on Mike’s recovery.

But there’s another important factor that keeps him focused on his future:  what Mike has been doing through his work at The Path’s bargain stores. He rides in the truck with Kenny McNeil, our store truck driver. 

Mike hopes to soon reestablish his career in working with tile and stone. In the meantime, he enjoys the connections he’s able to make with donors like you through our bargain store, picking up donated furniture and dropping it off at the store.. “Personally, I’m just thankful!” 

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us — yes, establish the work of our hands.” – Psalm 90:17

Your gift today will bring life-saving relief from the heat and from homelessness for men like Mike. God bless you and enjoy a safe summer!

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You Gave Me A Chance at a Different Life

Anthony arrived at The Path after a short episode of homelessness and a much longer period of drug abuse. “I knew I needed a change in my life. I couldn’t keep living that way,” he shared. “I had been homeless and sleeping outside before. I knew I couldn’t do that again.”

“The people here encouraged me that I could change, too. One guy had been through the same type of addiction I’d been through. A staff member had been a client here--I could relate to him in a lot of ways.”

“I convinced myself that God didn’t want to have anything to do with me, or me with God-- because I knew if I paid any attention to what God had to say about life and myself then I’d have to change. I was too afraid of that, so that’s probably why I ignored a lot of signs along the way.”

Today, thanks to caring people like you Anthony has a new outlook on life. “It hit me that the thing that had been missing in my life was a connection with God. I can say with all honesty right now that anything is possible with God in my life!”

“By me coming here I have a very strong chance of living a productive, successful, happy, life. If a person like me can start to change even a little, then I see hope for anyone being able to change their life.”

Your gift today will bring life-saving relief from the heat and from homelessness for men like Anthony. God bless you and enjoy a safe, comfortable summer!

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You Helped Complete Ashley's Family

“Great things have happened!"

Ashley will never forget the date she moved out of The Path’s rescue mission because it was also her wedding day! Most importantly, it marked her transformation into the wife, mother and woman God created her to be.

Before a virtual stranger brought Ashley and her two boys to The Path, she had drifted from one temporary shelter to another. “I felt like I was nothing. I felt hopeless. I felt like I let my family down.”

If Ashley felt that she had let her family down, The Path helped her to make it up to them. “I’ve learned a lot while staying at The Path,” she says. In addition to parenting, Ashley attended weekly Bible studies. “I enjoyed learning new things about Jesus.”

Her young sons also benefitted. “My five-year-old was just scrambling. As time progressed, he settled in and calmed down. He started kindergarten back in August. And my three-year-old is talking so much better.”

During her stay, Ashley reconnected with the father of her children and the couple made plans to marry. In the absence of Ashley’s biological family, her family at The Path, including case manager Diane Wilbur, stepped in to make sure she had the wedding she had always dreamed of. The wedding took place at Hernando Church of the Nazarene, with Pastor Randy Hodges officiating. Ashley was radiant in the gown, veil and shoes provided by Lynda Schnirl, our Dunnellon Bargain Store manager, who also photographed the event. The bride was attended by her roommate at The Path and a volunteer who worked with her at our thrift store. Executive Director DuWayne Sipper proudly walked Ashley down the aisle as she carried a bouquet made by his wife, Kathryn.

Today Ashley, her new husband and their sons are in a home of their own. “I surrendered my life to Jesus and great things have happened with my family.” God very likely has even greater healing, restoration and reconciliation in store for Ashley’s family. Without your support for The Path, Ashley says she would still be lost and homeless. “Thank you for your donations and for helping us have a roof over our heads, food and everything we need. I’m very grateful for everything that everyone has done for us at The Path.”

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." — JOHN 13:34

Will you make a generous online gift right now to help provide nourishing meals, safe shelter and lasting hope to women and their children in need-- like Ashley?

Men and women at The Path will surely give thanks for you, too!

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For people like Tom, the gift of a satisfying meal and a warm bed is often the beginning of renewed hope.

Homeless and sleeping in the woods, Tom (not his real name) was beaten and robbed.  Hurt and desperate for help, Tom committed a petty crime... just for the security of a jail cell.

Jail was the best place for Tom, because that’s where he heard about The Path.  For Tom, The Path was a safe haven from a tough world.  Tom plans to stay on for a while once he’s employed so he can save some money, get firmly on his feet and go deeper in his walk with the Lord.

By providing nourishing meals, a peaceful night’s rest or assistance in other areas of service, your gift today can start someone like Tom on the path to a new life in Christ ... and in our community! 

Will you make a generous online gift right now  to help provide nourishing meals, safe shelter and lasting hope to our brothers and sisters in need?

Men and women at The Path will surely give thanks for you, too!

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God heard Judy's prayers and you answered them.

My name is Judy, and I'd like to start by thanking all of you. I would like to share a little bit about myself. I am 55. I have 2 children and 9 grandchildren. When I moved back to Florida in 2009, I moved in with my daughter in Leesburg. After several months of not being able to find employment, my daughter Baker-acted me for being depressed. I spent 7 days in Life Stream, and was told I was a manic-depressed person! My daughter tried to get power of attorney over me so she could collect a check to take care of me. After meeting with their doctors, they refused to help her draw any money. I was told to leave immediately, without a place to stay.

After several temporary living arrangements, I went to stay with a girl friend I had known since she was 3. At this time I started drinking heavily again and smoking pot on a regular basis. I was asked to leave, and found myself crying, walking the streets of Leesburg (Florida). Homeless again... I ended up at the First Baptist Church there.

Ready to give up on life completely, I was told I needed spiritual healing more than what they could give me. My counselor there contacted The Path, a bed was available, and the next day arrangements were made for me to go there.

I have been at The Path for almost one year and I have surrendered my life to Jesus every day. I stand before you, after doctors told me I would never walk again after a stroke. Thanks to The Path I am a new creature in Christ and look forward to a new future and a changed life! I am now clean and sober for 10 months.

Thank you to the special people here who made it possible for me to smile again. God heard my prayers and you answered them! Now I can have more confidence. Nothing is too hard for God-- He gives us our heart's desire. God bless you, my angels! --Judy, May 2012

Judy has plenty to smile about! Through the kindness of anonymous donors, she recently received much needed dental care. She also received her driver's license. Today, Judy is a Path program graduate.

Make an immediate impact in the lives of men and women like Judy through The Path.

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 "For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited Me in, I needed clothes and you clothed Me, I was sick and you looked after Me..." ~Matt. 25:35-36