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When you have nothing, a meal means everything.

As a giving partner, you provide meals and practical programs that give her the start of a life free from the effects of poverty, addiction and homelessness-- a life secure in the knowledge of God's unconditional love and care.


ECFA Accredited

John T. Barnes Community Organization Award for 2015

Path Farm & Co-op Program

farm co op program

 The Path farms 15 acres locally using natural, environment-friendly methods to grow seasonal vegetables, and 10 acres to grow fruit trees in partnership with local Rotary clubs.

These farm projects supports a "work therapy" program for men and women at The Path's rescue mission. Our local community benefits through membership in The Path Farm's Co-op program.

Growing seasonal pesticides-free vegetables and fruits supply healthy food  to address malnutrition often found among the homeless and people in recovery. Men and women at The Path participate with planting, tending the fields, plus assist with farm equipment repair and maintenance, harvesting crops and delivery of our Farm Co-op food baskets to the pickup location in Hernando. Volunteer "Eating Healthy" coaches use the fresh vegetables in hands-on cooking demonstrations to teach healthier eating habits. 

We extend the health benefits of pesticides-free, locally grown vegetables to our community through food relief partnerships, a Farm Co-op of 60-80 members annually and opportunities to teach simple farming. Co-op members come from a wide area in Citrus and Marion Counties.  

Give us a call if you would like to schedule a Path Farm tour & activity day!

Download The Path's Farm & Co-op brochure to learn more about how to join, membership options, what we grow and other important information. Or call us at 352-527-6500 extension 8. Your support builds stronger individuals, healthy lifestyles and self-reliant communities.

The Path Farm & Co-op Brochure
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