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When you have nothing, a meal means everything.

As a giving partner, you provide meals and practical programs that give her the start of a life free from the effects of poverty, addiction and homelessness-- a life secure in the knowledge of God's unconditional love and care.


ECFA Accredited

John T. Barnes Community Organization Award for 2015

Path Farm & Co-op Program

farm co op program


The Path farms 15 acres locally, using natural, environment-friendly methods to grow seasonal vegetables. This farm project supports the work therapy program for men and women at The Path's rescue mission and benefits the community through a Farm Co-op.


For membership options, questions and enrolling -- call 352-527-6500, ext.8 or email


Give us a call if you would like to schedule a Path Farm tour & activity day!


Download The Path's Farm & Co-op brochure to learn more about how to join, what we grow and other important information. Or call us at 352-527-6500 extension 8. Your support builds stronger individuals, healthy lifestyles and self-reliant communities.

The Path Farm & Co-op Brochure
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