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A good meal changed my life
Jason had been living in the woods for five months before he connected with The Path. Addicted, suicidal, severely underweight — and very hungry — Jason needed a good meal. And the healing only Jesus Christ can give. Jason (name … Continue reading

3 Ways to Change a Life: Give food. Give shelter. Give hope.
For people like Tom, the gift of a satisfying meal and a warm bed is often the beginning of renewed hope. Homeless and sleeping in the woods, Tom was beaten and robbed. Hurt and desperate for help, Tom committed a … Continue reading

Urgently Needed Items! As of 6/1/2015
The Path needs canned goods and several household items: Bleach, 13 gal. Garbage bags, Dish soap, Pine Sol, Toilet Paper, Window cleaner Collecting needed household and other items for The Path is a great community service project for groups, businesses, … Continue reading

My Life has Changed Because You Care!

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matt. 19:26
Through The Path, my life has changed in ways I never dreamed! Read more...


ECFA Accredited

Our Mission: is to provide a Christian living environment that allows true rehabilitation. To allow long term stays for life changing biblical teachings to take effect. To encourage the work ethic, for those without a home in Citrus County.

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Leave a Lasting Legacy
Leave a Legacy
Give a Gift of Hope
Give a Gift of Hope
Lend a Hand
Lend a Hand
Consider partnership with The Path in significant ways that benefit lives as men & women recover from poverty, whether through our rescue mission programs, The Path's pesticides-free farm program or one of many other social enterprises. Find out more about planned giving options, including endowments to The Path's foundation. Invest in rebuilding lives-- a gift with eternal value! Learn how... Give a hungry neighbor a hearty meal and hope for just $2.42. Your gift will also do much more to follow up a hearty meal with a warm bed, clean clothes, case management and effective Bible-based programs for men and women who desire a changed life. Help sponsor some of the many meals we'll provide every day, all year long. Hope begins with a meal! Learn how you can help today... Path Volunteers encourage our clients and help them feel valued. Motivate men and women to improve their quality of life and self sufficiency. Become a Path Volunteer! Learn how...
Donate Goods
Donate Goods
Monthly Giving Club
99 and One Club
Learn More
Learn More
Consider donating clothing or furniture to The Path Shelter Bargain Stores. Your donations impact the lives of the hungry and homeless people our programs serve. We have quick convenient drop off locations, or call to see if you can arrange a pickup for larger items. Learn More... Will you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner? Learn more Stay up to date with The Path's people, events and activities by visiting our newsroom for articles, newsletters, photo and video galleries featuring The Path's rescue mission. Visit our newsroom...